The Hitch: A Mobile Eatery



On a concrete slab, not far from the refreshingly cool San Marcos River, a community of food trucks are stationed on East Hopkins Street.  On top of the concrete square, lavender picnic tables donned with umbrellas that provide some shade in the Texas heat, are set up inside the circle of food trucks.  Like other food truck set-ups, it’s nice because one is provided with multiple eatery options in one place.  I usually spend fifteen minutes or so walking around reading the menus before making the crucial decision.  There are a variety of food trucks to choose from at the site: St. Pita’s, Wat Zab Thai Food, Smoked Out Barbeque, Redbud Roasters, WANderLust, and soon to be Mambo Freeze.

Here are a few pictures from the food trucks that I have tried so far:

  • St.Pitas is a Turkish restaurant with gyros and hummus plates. 

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  • WANderLust serves gorment sandwhiches, Asian inspired noodles, and specialty drinks (non-alcholoic, there is no alcohol served at The Hitch).

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This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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