Summer Hault In The Food Truck Business

Mimi's Trailer Park Abandoned During the Summer

Mimi’s Trailer Park Abandoned During the Summer

Those who have passed by Mimi’s Trailer Park Eatery on North Guadalupe Street during last summer might have noticed something unusual—there were no food trailers.

Some vendors had closed their mobile restaurants and others had relocated, but Mimi’s manager, Leanne Brawner, assured that the trailer park would be back in full swing by fall, and it was.

It comes as no surprise that so many food trucks had shut down or relocated, because it is the nature of the industry, especially during the slow summer season.

All the trailer parks see a huge drop in business that’s cyclical based on the Texas State University student population. When the students leave, all of the trailers suffer badly because that’s a huge percentage of the customer base.

However, during last summer, out of the seven spaces available for food vendors, Mimi’s already had two trailers getting set up as of July 8. Both were waiting until students returned to open their businesses.

In the heat of summer, the vendors know they’ll be miserable, and customers will be too. They don’t want to start their business at a time when it’s going to be really difficult. They wait for the upswing.

Owners Mark and Lori Jakobsen had operated their food trailer, The Big Kahuna, at Mimi’s since the trailer park eatery opened in September 2011, but they moved their business to San Marcos’ other popular food trailer park, The Hitch: A Mobile Eatery, during the summer months.

Due to The Hitch’s proximity to the San Marcos River, vendors know their business is more likely to thrive during the summer months at that location, than at Mimi’s.

But in the fall and winter when people aren’t floating the river, Mimi’s does better. Either way, both are great locations because San Marcos has a lot to offer.


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