My Blogging Experience



My experience of blogging has been pretty motivational! Before I started this blog, I had no idea where to even begin in making one. Using social media website such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram was kind of essential to making my blog. Had there not been Facebook, I wouldn’t have been able to find most of the amazing photos that I used. Facebook also allowed me to further explore each food trailer park, as well as each truck in them. It also allowed me to view some of the truck’s menus, which was really helpful when I was writing some of my reviews, because I had forgotten some of the food item names that I had tried. The Twitter widget on page page is neat, because I can see if or when people retweet some of my posts.

I did have some trouble trying to figure out how to organize things in my post. Sometimes when you publish your post it will look completely different in format than it did when you were editing it. I really would have liked to be able to insert a picture and then next to it have my paragraph, but I never could figure out how to do that. I would like ti be able to change how big or small my font is and be able to choose from a list of different fonts, because I think it would give my blog more character. I also had a lot of trouble with my header for my blog. I inserted my own blue, swirly picture, but it took MANY attempts to get it cropped just right so that you could see the words “San Marcos Food Trucks”. Again, I wish I would have been able to choose my own font and size for my header. Also, I inserted my own background picture, but when I did that, lots of things changed. They are hard to describe, but here’s one example: As soon as I inserted my own background, my navigation bar went away (it had its own background), so now it is difficult to find the words on my navigation (Home, Maps, About).

This blogging experience can definitely benefit me in the future. I want to work at a PR firm, and one day if I need to make a blog for a certain client, I will know how to. I think that if i were to come up with a certain PR campaign for a client, such as a clothing store or restaurant owner, who needs more customers, a blog would be a great approach. Also, if a client is going through public scrutiny, we could use their blog to express themselves to the masses, to maybe clear things up. Or they could even use the blog we made for them, to post newsworthy things, to gain publicity.



On an entrepreneurial front, I’ve always wanted to start a blog where I can talk about fashion, celebrities, movies, interior decorating, and post other things that I’m interested in.

There is a blogger named Morgan Stewart who has a blog similar to what I’m describing called Boobs & Loubs, and her blog has kind of been an inspiration to me. Now that I have had this blogging experience, I can start my own personal blog. Had I not had this assignment, I probably never would have tried to start one, because I would be so lost. I started a website for class once, but it was mainly just to learn CSS. We had to create our own images and everything (I created the pictures above) using HTML codes, but the website didn’t consist of very much, and we never got to finish it. I like the format of blogging much better.



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