“Do I want a Deutsh Panini, a Hawaiian pulled pork sandwich, or a good old fashioned burger?”  Those options would rarely be available in one spot, but the food trucks in San Marcos offer such an assortment of food.

Years after the first trailer opened, the San Marcos food trailers continue to receive praise and business from local students.

The Hitch, San Marcos’ first food trailer park, opened on July 15, 2011.  What started with only two trailers, St. Pitas and How Sweet It Is, has now expanded into six unique food trucks.  The success of The Hitch quickly inspired the opening of another food trailer park, Mimi’s Trailer Park Eatery, and then another, Tanger Food Truck Plaza.  There are now many trailers between the two parks, offering a diverse selection of food.

Many cities have hosted these types of food trailers into he past, but in recent years the trend seems to have picked up momentum.  Austin has many of these mobile eateries throughout the downtown area.  These trucks grew a fan base and encouraged the development of food trailer parks in San Marcos.

As an avid food truck fan, I was excited when they came to San Marcos. They are the perfect addition to a college town like this.

Food trailers attract students for a number of reasons.  Each location offers a variety of cuisine at a price affordable to college students.  They are also located in the heart of San Marcos, right between the campus and “The Square.”

Whether you’re going after class of after having a few beers, the food trailers are always a top food pick for students here in San Marcos. The convenient locations of Mimi’s and The Hitch,  make them popular spots for lunch and dinner.

While the food trucks are sitting in prime locations, the most appealing factor of these casual dining spots is all variety of food offered in one spot.  Friends can enjoy one another’s company without having to come to an agreement on one particular restaurant.

They have an awesome range of options, from grilled peanut butter and jelly to native Hawaiian cuisine. There is definitely something to please everyone.

The menus offer an array of dishes, including revamped childhood favorites and rare ethnic meals.  Some trailers, such as the Pedestrian Cafe, have daily specials or freshly bakes desert options.

The trailers have a crazy diversity of food available everyday. There are some dishes I have never seen before, but they are always a pleasant turn-out.

Trying something new is also part of the excitement for some customers.  But while the varied menu items might attract attention, repeat customers also comment on the friendly service they receive.

They are convenient and delicious,  and not to mention the people are really nice.

The Hitch and Mimi’s Trailer Park Eatery and Tanger Food Truck Plaza have gained a reputation around San Marcos as a great place to catch a bite eon eat.  The affordable prices, diverse menu, and friendly atmosphere make the food trailer parks a perfect place for student dining.


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