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My Blogging Experience



My experience of blogging has been pretty motivational! Before I started this blog, I had no idea where to even begin in making one. Using social media website such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram was kind of essential to making my blog. Had there not been Facebook, I wouldn’t have been able to find most of the amazing photos that I used. Facebook also allowed me to further explore each food trailer park, as well as each truck in them. It also allowed me to view some of the truck’s menus, which was really helpful when I was writing some of my reviews, because I had forgotten some of the food item names that I had tried. The Twitter widget on page page is neat, because I can see if or when people retweet some of my posts.

I did have some trouble trying to figure out how to organize things in my post. Sometimes when you publish your post it will look completely different in format than it did when you were editing it. I really would have liked to be able to insert a picture and then next to it have my paragraph, but I never could figure out how to do that. I would like ti be able to change how big or small my font is and be able to choose from a list of different fonts, because I think it would give my blog more character. I also had a lot of trouble with my header for my blog. I inserted my own blue, swirly picture, but it took MANY attempts to get it cropped just right so that you could see the words “San Marcos Food Trucks”. Again, I wish I would have been able to choose my own font and size for my header. Also, I inserted my own background picture, but when I did that, lots of things changed. They are hard to describe, but here’s one example: As soon as I inserted my own background, my navigation bar went away (it had its own background), so now it is difficult to find the words on my navigation (Home, Maps, About).

This blogging experience can definitely benefit me in the future. I want to work at a PR firm, and one day if I need to make a blog for a certain client, I will know how to. I think that if i were to come up with a certain PR campaign for a client, such as a clothing store or restaurant owner, who needs more customers, a blog would be a great approach. Also, if a client is going through public scrutiny, we could use their blog to express themselves to the masses, to maybe clear things up. Or they could even use the blog we made for them, to post newsworthy things, to gain publicity.



On an entrepreneurial front, I’ve always wanted to start a blog where I can talk about fashion, celebrities, movies, interior decorating, and post other things that I’m interested in.

There is a blogger named Morgan Stewart who has a blog similar to what I’m describing called Boobs & Loubs, and her blog has kind of been an inspiration to me. Now that I have had this blogging experience, I can start my own personal blog. Had I not had this assignment, I probably never would have tried to start one, because I would be so lost. I started a website for class once, but it was mainly just to learn CSS. We had to create our own images and everything (I created the pictures above) using HTML codes, but the website didn’t consist of very much, and we never got to finish it. I like the format of blogging much better.



loveBaked Cupcakes <3


If you find yourself in the mood for a fresh baked dessert one  evening, there’s a good chance India Moore and Celena McGuill of Lovebaked  will be preparing one last batch of their signature confections to cure your cravings and those of the many fans they’ve made since opening in early June 2012. Creations like the Senorita and Banana Split cupcakes have taken the local food truck community by storm with batches into the hundreds being sold on some days. Lovebaked is a food truck stationed in  Mimi’s Trailer Park Eatery located just down the road from the Texas State campus.

The Senorita cupcake is a cinnamon infused chocolate cupcake with a cream cheese cinnamon frosting. Other popular cupcakes include the Southern Belle and the Coconut Bliss.

The Senorita cupcake is a cinnamon infused chocolate cupcake with a cream cheese cinnamon frosting. Other popular cupcakes include the Southern Belle and the Coconut Bliss.





loveBaked Truck

loveBaked Truck

In conceptualizing the Lovebaked trailer, Moore and McGuill were insistent on creating a genuine bakery trailer where desserts are completely prepared onsite. View photos of the restoration here. “It is entirely possible (and likely) for you to get a perfectly crafted, gourmet cupcake that is only seconds old, still so warm from the oven it slightly melts the frosting,” Moore said. “Customers don’t get that anywhere else and we feel that is one of the most important parts of experiencing true gourmet desserts.” The two arrive at the trailer several hours before opening each day to begin preparing dozens upon dozens of fresh cupcakes.



In addition to a colorful variety of cupcakes and cookies, Lovebaked also serves lattes made from Cuvee Coffee beans. Upon visiting Cuvee’s website, one can appreciate why Lovebaked owners chose it as the best coffee to compliment their cupcake selection.

Dead Fingers is a rich flavored, dark chocolate roast from Once Over Coffee Bar in Austin. Patrons can add either the chocolate or vanilla bean syrup both of which have been handcrafted at Lovedbaked.

Dead Fingers is a rich flavored, dark chocolate roast from Once Over Coffee Bar in Austin. Patrons can add either the chocolate or vanilla bean syrup both of which have been handcrafted at Lovedbaked.

The Austin-based roaster closely monitors every aspect of its supply chain from the farmers growing the beans to the very servers pouring the cups. Moore and McGuill both spent 20 hours in the professional barista training course offered at the Cuvee headquarters. Currently being served at the trailer is Dead Fingers, a unique blend imagined by Rob & Jenee Ovitt of Once Over Coffee Bar in Austin. “Because we are on that constant quest to serve what is the best, we saw Dead Fingers as our choice of bean and roast,” McGuill said. “It is simply amazing coffee. If you haven’t had it, we would love to introduce you to something great that you can’t get anywhere else in San Marcos.”

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SM Food Truck Storify



I made a Storify so that I could bring together and display reviews, critics, and fans of the San Marcos food trucks. As you can see in the Storify, they are gaining popularity amogst people. There have been reviews of certain food trucks, Youtube videos of people discussing them. Along with that, there are other posts such as articles about the trucks and their food and people posting Instagram photos of some of the trucks and their experiences visiting the different food truck trailer parks.

Click here to view my Storify!

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Summer Hault In The Food Truck Business

Mimi's Trailer Park Abandoned During the Summer

Mimi’s Trailer Park Abandoned During the Summer

Those who have passed by Mimi’s Trailer Park Eatery on North Guadalupe Street during last summer might have noticed something unusual—there were no food trailers.

Some vendors had closed their mobile restaurants and others had relocated, but Mimi’s manager, Leanne Brawner, assured that the trailer park would be back in full swing by fall, and it was.

It comes as no surprise that so many food trucks had shut down or relocated, because it is the nature of the industry, especially during the slow summer season.

All the trailer parks see a huge drop in business that’s cyclical based on the Texas State University student population. When the students leave, all of the trailers suffer badly because that’s a huge percentage of the customer base.

However, during last summer, out of the seven spaces available for food vendors, Mimi’s already had two trailers getting set up as of July 8. Both were waiting until students returned to open their businesses.

In the heat of summer, the vendors know they’ll be miserable, and customers will be too. They don’t want to start their business at a time when it’s going to be really difficult. They wait for the upswing.

Owners Mark and Lori Jakobsen had operated their food trailer, The Big Kahuna, at Mimi’s since the trailer park eatery opened in September 2011, but they moved their business to San Marcos’ other popular food trailer park, The Hitch: A Mobile Eatery, during the summer months.

Due to The Hitch’s proximity to the San Marcos River, vendors know their business is more likely to thrive during the summer months at that location, than at Mimi’s.

But in the fall and winter when people aren’t floating the river, Mimi’s does better. Either way, both are great locations because San Marcos has a lot to offer.

The Hitch: A Mobile Eatery



On a concrete slab, not far from the refreshingly cool San Marcos River, a community of food trucks are stationed on East Hopkins Street.  On top of the concrete square, lavender picnic tables donned with umbrellas that provide some shade in the Texas heat, are set up inside the circle of food trucks.  Like other food truck set-ups, it’s nice because one is provided with multiple eatery options in one place.  I usually spend fifteen minutes or so walking around reading the menus before making the crucial decision.  There are a variety of food trucks to choose from at the site: St. Pita’s, Wat Zab Thai Food, Smoked Out Barbeque, Redbud Roasters, WANderLust, and soon to be Mambo Freeze.

Here are a few pictures from the food trucks that I have tried so far:

  • St.Pitas is a Turkish restaurant with gyros and hummus plates. 

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  • WANderLust serves gorment sandwhiches, Asian inspired noodles, and specialty drinks (non-alcholoic, there is no alcohol served at The Hitch).

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SM Food Trucks Mobile App


Screen Shot 2014-03-07 at 5.33.18 AM

Screen Shot 2014-03-07 at 5.44.04 AM

My app would be used strictly for displaying information about The Hitch, Mimi’s, and Tanger Outlet Food Truck Plaza. On the home page, the user can choose to view either three of the food truck trailer parks.Once they choose a trailer park, it will take them to a page where they can view directions to the trailer park, its hours of operation, each food truck stationed there, plus each of the truck’s menus.This app would not only help people to figure out which park is closest to them, but it would also enable the user to pick out where they would like to eat without having to visit each individual truck or trailer park. People would use this app if they lived or are visiting San Marcos and they want to know more about the food trucks they see. The app has everything they need to know about the food trucks: name,location, and hours of operation of each food truck trailer park, a list of every food truck in each individual park, and each of their menus. The users could explore everything the food trucks have to offer, straight from home.

Mimi’s Trailer Park Eatery



With Spring approaching and the warm Texas weather returning, Mimi’s Trailer Park Eatery in San Marcos, Texas is the perfect place to stop for lunch or dinner with your four legged friends.

Mimi’s Trailer Park Eatery is an outdoor community food court with several food trailers. Since September 2011, Mimi’s has been serving a variety of delicious and unique cuisines. The trailer park has various cuisine choices, ranging from tacos to waffles, sandwiches and more.  “Dreamland Waffle Company Food Court” serves dishes that are all made with gourmet waffles. For authentic Hawaiian food, including ceviche and pulled pork sandwiches, head to “The Big Kahuna”.  Another food truck parked here, “Nach Yo Taco”, has tacos, burritos, quesadillas, and other Tex Mex items. Be sure to save room for dessert from “Lovebaked Cupcakes”, where you can try tasty treats such as freshly baked cupcakes, cookies, and specialty drinks. Stop by Mimi’s and explore the delectable menus that these food trucks, as well as a few others, have to offer!

Mimi’s also hosts several events at the trailer park, including “Pre-gaming Thursdays”, where kids -and kids at heart- can come play a variety of games including a bean bag toss, Jumbo Jenga, washers, and many different board games.

There is no need to leave your dogs at home when dining at Mimi’s, as the trailer park is pet friendly. All of the trailers will have complimentary dog treats and “Lovebaked” will feature their own freshly baked treats. I’ve brought my Siberian husky, Knox, with me a few times and he absolutely loves the treats, as well as meeting new furry friends. It’s nice to have a place in town that allows dogs, because usually typically you have to go somewhere like Austin to find a place with good quality food that will let you bring your dog. Mimi’s is one of the few places in San Marcos where you can eat great food and bring your pets along with you.

Within walking distance of downtown San Marcos and the city park, Mimi’s is the perfect stop for a bite to eat after a day at the river or a walk around town.

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