Bringing A Little Hawaii To San Marcos


Big Kahuna

After getting back from Maui over the Christmas break, I could only think about one thing: “Where the heck can I get some of that delicious Hawaiian pulled pork?”  I thought I would never taste that delicious pork again, but then a friend took me to “The Big Kahuna” at Mimi’s Trailer Park Eatery, where I got my Hawaiian fix.

Between the three food trailer locations, Mimi’s, Tanger Outlet, and The Hitch, there are over a dozen of different types of cuisine offered.  The variety of cuisines, many of which can only be found at the trailers, are a main selling point for the food trailer parks.

The Big Kahuna, for instance, brings the flavors of Hawaii all the way to San Marcos.  It offers island style meals including Kalua pork and cabbage sliders, Hawaiian style chicken or beef Bulgogi, and even seared Ahi Tuna.  Owner Mark Jacobsen said his menu was inspired by meals he ate while living in Maui. “I really enjoy the Ahi Poki, it’s like Hawaiian ceviche,” said Big Kahuna regular Kerri Driver.  “It’s a large serving of tuna and it comes with a traditional side salad, a perfect meal before a game of sand volley ball.


San Marcos Residents Now Have A Cajun Option


the cajun cruiser1

Native Louisianan chef, John White, opened San Marcos’ first Cajun restaurant in the form of a food truck.  “The Cajun Cruiser,” located at Mimi’s Trailer Park Eatery, brings Cajun and creole cuisines to local residents.

After graduating from Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts and helping with the start up of two Cajun restaurants in Austin, White recognized the need for one in San Marcos.  He felt he had plateaued were he was, so he decided to open the trailer.

Wasting no time, he started making a plan in December, purchased the trailer in February, and had the grand opening in March.

“The most difficult part about the process so far is working out all the kinks that I didn’t expect after opening,” said White. “There are a lot of details I had no idea about before I started this business.”

One factor he is not having trouble with: the food.  Included on the menu are traditional Cajun dishes such as gumbo, red beans and rice, and of course, Po Boys. Most of the recipes he already had, and he is still working on a few more.

“I’m working on a recipe for beignets that combines my mothers recipe with my own influences, so I can make them right here on site,” said White.

Also for dessert, Cajun Cruiser offers a unique twist on banana pudding using crescents instead of day old bread.  Whites personal favorite, another unique menu item, is the smoked salmon wrap.

“Now people don’t have to drive all the way to Austin to score some Cajun food,” said White.  “Plus I can provide the same quality food for a lesser price since I have less overhead.”

Although he has only been in business for a few weeks, White hopes to expand one day.

“I would love to open a full, sit down style restaurant in San Marcos,” said White.

As for now, the trailer is open for business and reeling in customers.  San Marcos is now offered traditional Cajun food right here locally at a fraction of the price you would pay elsewhere.

San Marcos Food Trucks



My blog will be about the San Marcos Food Trucks. I chose this topic because not a lot of people know what they are, where they are, and what they have to offer. I plan on exploring some of the different trucks located at each food trailer park (Tanger Food Truck Plaza, Mimi’s Trailer Park Eatery, and The Hitch: A Mobile Eatery. Also, I plan to explore some of the different items that are on the menu at different food trucks, so that viewers can have an idea of some of the food they have to offer. Some people do not know that there are three different trailer parks where different food trucks are located, and I hope to provide them with information to locate them. In addition, I plan to explore the history of some of the food trucks and/or their vendors, so that viewers can learn some of their history, and maybe even learn how to start up their own food trucks if they were interested. I hope to find a way to integrate social media, such as Facebook, onto my blog. Also I hope to include a Twitter, Text, and Archive Widget in my blog. My Text Widget might give a little background on the city of San Marcos. I want to include Google Maps (for the locations of the trailer parks), Storify, and other online elements in my blog.


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